The Chocolate Brownie

The Brownie, also known as the chocolate brownie, are a semi-fudge chocolate cake normally found in cafes, and we show you how to make them at home.


The Chocolate Brownie is a firm, unraised cake which is fudge like similar to a softer version of American style soft biscuits ("Cookies"). They are soft, chewey and sweet; no wonder Americans like them.


The chocolate brownie was invented in America in 1893 as a type of cake until changed early in the 20th century by adding eggs to became more like a fudge than before. Chocolate brownies like this have remained popular until the present and is the form of the brownie known in New Zealand.

Here they are normally served with whipped cream or occasionally with yoghurt as an accompaniment to coffee at afternoon tea or morning tea where they can be an alternative to a normal cake or torte.


They're actually quite easy to make provided you are careful with the instructions and don't over-cook them. Auckland's own gourmet baker Tessa Clement has shared this recipe for Triple chocolate brownies with us.

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